I am a business management student at the local university and I am taking a class about internet marketing, where we review various methods of internet marketing and we compare them to more conventional marketing mediums. Furthermore, our class has focus groups about search engine marketing and website marketing using email, where each focus group is supposed to chose a search engine marketing company to collect information from.

When time came for my focus group to choose the topic for our major research project about internet marketing, I decided to research the history of internet marketing, present different ways of web site marketing, and to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of one search engine marketing company.

When I presented this topic to my professor, he was very satisfied with my choice. Furthermore, my professor told me that he is interested in reading the information I find about internet marketing, as some of the information and resources I present about website marketing may actually help improve search engine ranking for his online business.

After getting tips from my professor about how to go about researching the different methods of internet marketing, the benefits of web site marketing versus conventional marketing, and where to find top ranking search engine marketing companies; I went home and got started on the big task cut out for me.

Internet Marketing Resources, Articles, and Tips: